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Our technicians have the skills and experience needed to install vinyl fences on all types of properties.

If you drive around your neighborhood, you might notice different fences that surround the residential properties. Commercial properties often have fencing around them as well, helping to enhance the security of the outdoor space and restrict access to authorized visitors.

Vinyl Fences in North Carolina

One of the most commonly used materials in the fencing industry is vinyl, which is a synthetic option that includes both ethylene and chlorine, among other things. There’s a lot to love about vinyl, including its durability and ease of maintenance. Vinyl fences are popular for many reasons on both residential and commercial properties.

At Fortis Fencing, we can install vinyl fences for those located throughout North Carolina. We often recommend this material, as it’s extremely functional and visually appealing, yet doesn’t require much ongoing maintenance. If your fence gets dirty, it’s easy to use a power washer to remove grime and contaminants. Vinyl fences don’t have to be painted or repainted, nor do they need any regular maintenance after they’ve been installed.

Our technicians have the skills and experience needed to install vinyl fences on all types of properties. We often recommend vinyl fencing to clients who want to adhere to stricter budgets, as it’s one of the more affordable materials offered. We are happy to provide a quote for the installation of a vinyl fence around your property. Simply contact us to get started, and we’ll send someone to assess your outdoor space and provide a cost estimate for the service. We look forward to securing your property while enhancing its visual appeal.

At Fortis Fencing, we install vinyl fences throughout North Carolina, including Huntersville, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, Lake Norman, Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, Denver, Lowesville, Kings Mountain, Bessemer City, Gastonia, Iron Station, Stanley, Cherryville, Statesville, Jamestown, Mayhew, and The Point.