Fence Installation--What Should You Expect?

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You finished the hard part of choosing the type of fence you want around your property. Now, you stand back and let the professional installers take over. As a homeowner, it’s always best to be prepared. Below is a list of a few of the things you can expect during the fence installation process.

Fence Installation--What Should You Expect?

  • Preparation Lists– The installers want to be able to get right to work once they get to your property. Before the installation takes place, we will provide you with a list of things you need to get done. For example, you may need to have your lawn marked with utility flags so our installers know what areas to avoid digging in. If you have any landscaping you want to protect, cover it. You can ask any questions you have before our installers get there.
  • Markings- Your fence installation will go well if the installers know just where to place the fence. They will mark the yard according to your instructions so every person on the crew knows just where to place posts and install the fence.
  • Noise- Fence installation isn’t a quiet process. You may want to let your neighbors know that work will be going on so they can prepare. If you will be home during the process, don’t plan to take important work phone calls that might get interrupted by noisy work.

Our professionals here at Fortis Fencing are here for you from the first steps all the way through the installation process. Call us with any questions you have at any time.