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When we perform fence installation, we follow the recommendations issued by the material manufacturer.

There are a number of different fencing options available to property owners. Some prefer the traditional look of wood fencing, while others want to enhance their outdoor spaces with modern metal fences. But no matter the style or appearance, it’s important that a fence is installed properly to protect the property.

Fence Installation in North Carolina

Most fence posts must be placed in concrete, which is poured into a hole in the ground to create a sturdy space for every post. Once the posts are in place, the other components also require careful installation to create a functional and consistent appearance.

At Fortis Fencing, we’ve got you covered with professional fence installation services. We serve those located throughout the state of North Carolina, including both residential and commercial clients. As a leading fence company in the area, we are proud of the work we do as we create functional and beautiful additions to our clients’ properties.

Fences are multi-functional, enhancing the privacy of outdoor spaces while also creating physical barriers that can protect those using the space. You can also opt for a particular style of fence, such as a taller one that makes the yard more private or a security fence that restricts unauthorized access.

When we perform fence installation, we follow the recommendations issued by the material manufacturer. This ensures an excellent outcome with results that last, even through harsh and changing climate conditions. When you’re ready to take the next step in your fence installation project, reach out to us to get started.

At Fortis Fencing, we offer fence installation services throughout North Carolina, including Huntersville, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, Lake Norman, Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, Denver, Lowesville, Kings Mountain, Bessemer City, Gastonia, Iron Station, Stanley, Cherryville, Statesville, Jamestown, Mayhew, and The Point.